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MICROVALLE – Artisans from design to microcasting has been a landmark in the goldsmith industry in Vicenza since 2001. We design and produce each item ad-hoc for every single one of our customers with great professionalism and attention to detail.
We take care of all their needs: our main goal is to bring their ideas to life. We are able to do that thanks to the wonderful relationship we have established since our first encounter through an ongoing discussion and exchange of information.


We grasp your ideas


We bring your projects to life

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Artisans out of Love

MICROVALLE – Artisans from design to microcasting is not just a goldsmith’s foundry, it is a compound of all those ingredients that historically represent jewellery: technical expertise, knowledge of the materials and their limits and – above all – manual skill and genuine passion for such an ancient craft. Our customers know that MICROVALLE stands for reliability and craftsmanship; we put our heart into each one of the items we manufacture, and we pass down to our customers all the love we feel for our job. We can grasp an idea right in its infancy and we bring your projects to life through method and dedication.

Our Proposals

In this gallery we are going to share with you some of our proposals; they are the outcome of an ongoing partnership between designer, draftsman and producer. As you will see in these images, quality and harmony of shapes are the most important values that characterize each of the items we create.
You will also find a selection relating to semi-finished findings of our own production.

Our production Process

MICROVALLE Artisans from design to microcasting deals internally with all the steps of production of the jewel. Our customers do not need to worry about reconciling designer and producer, since both figures can be found here in the same harmonious workplace. We turn your drawing on paper into a 3D model and we fulfil your idea of jewel through lost-wax microcasting. More specifically, the customer can then choose between the traditional process – which contemplates the creation of a rubber mould for serial reproduction – or he can resort to 3D printing, which is an innovative technique that allows us to reduce production time.

How can we help you?

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